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Basic questions

Are you single? yes
Are you in love? no
Are you happy? yea :-)
Are you comfortable in your body? kind of
Do you get along with your parent? yes i love them!
Do you consider yourself a nice person? yes
Are you outgoing? i can be
Do you get angry easily? yes
Are you easily impressed? sorta
Do you fall in love easily? no
Do you listen to a lot of music? yessss a looottt
Do you cry easily? yes
Are you empathetic? sure
Are you sympathetic? sure
Do you blush easily? yes
Do you like yourself? yea! but there are definite flaws 
Are you an animal lover? yes
Do you take on other people’s problems? yesss
Do you day dream? yes
Do you worry about what other people think of you? YES
Do you concider yourself a strong person? sure

Band: led zeppelin, sigur ros, cage the elephant, arctic monkeys
Artist: deadmau5, zedd, porter robinson
Composer: chopin, claude debussy
Concert: ive only been to fun. but im going to cage the elephant soon
Film: inception
TV show: snk, supernatural, game of thrones, idk i dont watch that much
Book: stargirl
Comedian: dont have one
Colour: light green or blue
Sweet: mmm milk chocolate
Childhood memory: anything with kev or nicole
Perfume: cant wear perfume
Smell: dont have one?
Food: ramen
Country to visit: england, brasil, or japan
Number: dont have one
Subject in school: japanese or world history
Piece of clothing: oversized sweaters
Quote: dont know
Animal: cats. i love cats give me all of them

20 Choices
Cat of dog? CAT
Coffee or tea? tea. i drink like 7 cups of chai everyday
Day or night? night
Books or films? films
Introvert or extrovert? in between?
Hugs or kisses? botthh but i looove hugs
Winter or summer? winter
Spring or fall? fall
City or country? city
Sunset or sunrise? sunset
Sun or moon? moon
PC or Mac? mac :-( frickin loser
Dress up or dress down? both
Slacker or over-achiever? depends
Money or fame? money
Smoking or non-smoking? non smoking
Flats or heels? flats
Beer or wine? none
Grilled or fried? grilled
Sweet or sour? sweet
Pop or rock? rock
Indoors or outdoors? both
Brahms or Beethoven? beethoven
Letters or numbers? letter
Comedy or thriller? thriller

Have you ever…
Kissed anybody? nope
Been drunk? nope
Used drugs? does hookah count i mean its not really a drug
Pulled an all-nighter? oh yea
Been on a date? not yet!!
Gone skinny dipping? YES LMAO
Been hit on by someone too old? yeeepp
Lied about your age? yep
Laughed until you cried? yep
Danced in the rain? mhhmmm
Watched the stars from the ground? aahh god yes
Cried watching the news? no
Been bullied? yep. long time ago tho
Witnessed someone get bullied? yea
Cheated on a test? yeeppp
Embarrassed yourself in public? yea
Woken up not knowing where you were? no
Received a love letter? no
Fallen in love with your best friend? no
Had your best friend fall in love with you? nope

When was the last time you…
hugged somebody? today
kissed Somebody? never lmao
complimented somebody? today
said sorry? today
felt on top of the world? idk
cried? i dont remember
had an argument? dont remember
had somebody make you laugh? a lil while ago
wanted to dissapear? almost everyday
felt confident? today!
watched television? idk
listened to your favourite song? i dont have a favorite song
danced? a while ago
went swimming? since last summer
watched the sunset? dont remember
partied for 12 hours? nope
read a book? yesterday
watched your favourite movie? around a month ago
spoiled yourself? havent done that in a while
thought about what you want? idk

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